September 19, 2007

How to Install Rubbermaid Configurations

Installation of the Rubbermaid Configurations is nearly IDENTICAL to the setup of the Elfa unit.

Tools needed:
- A Phillips Screw Driver
- Any Hammer
- A good stud finder
- a tape measure - Level (preferably the 3 feet long ones, with the bubble in the middle)
- a 1/2 inch DrillBit
- a Hand Drill
- a pencil
- Most importantly: Two 10-packs of the Hilti toggler bolts (1/4" by 2.5") with slotted round-head screws

The installation instructions can be found here in PDF form:

Or you can go to and view their installation video.

Finding Wall Studs

When I installed my Rubbermaid configurations setup , I was unable to locate any studs for whatever reason! No problem - this is where the Hilti toggler bolts come in! They are the perfect way to fasten something heavy to a wall and ensure that the wall does not break in the process! Be sure you have these on hand in case you are unable to find a stud.

The Rubbermaid Configurations closet system comes with wall anchors in case you can't find a stud but I found these to be a little 'low quality' - although you can definitely still use them. If you plan on hanging heavy items in your closet (coats, boxes on shelves, etc), then I strongly reccommend purchasing the Hilti toggler bolts.

If you have any questions on installation, please feel free to leave a comment!

Proof that Rubbermaid + Elfa Closet Organizers are nearly identical

IN FACT - when you compare the installation instructions for the Elfa system as compared to the Rubbermaid system - THEY ARE NEARLY IDENTICAL! You can practically purchase the Rubbermaid unit and practically install it using the directions frmo the Elfa unit! They are that similar in setup!!!

Don't believe me: Here are links to the installation of the Rubbermaid setup:

1) Go to and click on "Installation Video"

2) Alternatively, you can find the PDF instructions here:

And the Installation instructions for the Elfa unit are here:

The only difference between the two is that:

1) the Elfa unit comes with 2 sliding pants racks and 6 wire baskets to put clothes into.

2) The Elfa unit has "wood trim" around the shelves and baskets...

I will address these differences one at a time.

1) Rubbermaid offers wire baskets and pants racks also at the cost of $50 per unit. You can nearly immitate the Elfa setup for half the cost! This is the breakdown of how to immitate the Elfa unit:a. Purchase the Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet kit ($119)b. Purchase two sliding pants racks ( ) and six wire baskets ( - $50 x 8 = $400So for the total of $519, you can immitate the Elfa unit which goes for $1200!!! That's less than half the cost!!!

2) Sure, the Elfa units have nice wood trim, but the markup on that (according to someone I spoke with at the Container Store) is due to the wood trim!!! You tell me - Do you think that it is worth $600+ to have shelves that have wood trim on it or would you rather save the $$600+ for something else?!?! Sure, I am fair and I feel that the Elfa unit looks nice with the wood trim but the Rubbermaid setup still looks absolutely gorgeous!!! PLUS you save $600+ for other things! Hell, with that much money saved, you can do another closet!

If this doesn't make you think twice about purchasing the Rubbermaid unit as opposed to the Elfa unit, you must read this post again! =P

Just for your eyes:

Here is a picture of the Elfa unit, fully optioned ($1,200):

Here is the Rubbermaid Deluxe Kit ($119.99):

Here is the Rubbermaid Sliding Pants rack ($49.99):

Here is the Rubbermaid Wire Basket ($49.99):

You can basically immitate the Elfa setup with ALL RUBBERMAID COMPONENTS for half the cost!

September 18, 2007

Why Elfa and the Container Store are RIP OFFS!

Why are the Elfa brand closet organizer systems so over-priced when the systems themselves consist of parts which are the same quality as much cheaper alternatives? I decided to create this blog to educate other consumers on how they can organize their messy closets without having to sacrifice a limb in the process.

I have four closets in my condo and wanted to install organizers in two of them. When I asked around for reccommended companies, a few people pointed me in the direction of Elfa and the Container Store. When I saw their setup which fits my closets ( ) I really liked it... until I saw the price...

That system, at the time I had priced it, was over $1200 + tax on top of that! All that money for what? having my clothes hung up and looking nice? I was sure there were alternatives.

When I was searching the net for alternatives, I came across Rubbermaid Configurations ( ) and I was surprised! For something that looked so similar to the Elfa setup and did exactly the same thing - costing 1/10th of the price! I was a little hesitant - assuming that because one system was $1200 and the other was $120, that there had to be a catch... but there wasn't. I paid only $119 for my closet system (the Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet kit) through!!!